4 August 2007

Pre-Race Report

So as it gets closer to the race I begin to listen to increasingly harder music. Music that drives me to get excited and get that "Harden the F Up" attitude going. Right now It is "A Fire Inside" aka AFI. Sort of a punkish style of music but not as much screaming as some punk groups. Great voice. My favourite would have to be either "AFI - Love like Winter" or "Silver and Cold" Great Video.

So I have returned from the National Awards Banquet following a very delicious dinner and I am going through my check list. Double check with me.
  • Bike Lubed Up and Clean -- Check
  • Helmet -- Check
  • Bottles in Freezer Ready to Go -- Check
  • Legs Shaved -- Check
  • Bags Packed -- Check
  • Goggles -- Check
  • Racing Suit -- Check
  • Cycling Shoes on Bike -- Check
  • Running Shoes -- Check
  • Elastics -- Check
  • Baby Powder -- Check

Let me know if I am forgetting anything.

As for the race itself... From our short swim in the river both kerry and I have agreed that it is fast water. The sort of fast water found in Kelowna. It just feels like you can grab a lot of water and glide. Great feeling, it my be mental but hey I will take it. I am ranked 19th so I should be able to get a good start position. I believe I will choose far Left and hopfully stay out of trouble.

The Ride is completely flat so It will be a fast ride. only technical part will be an interesting lollypop at the end and the 180* near transition.

The run I shall focus on maintaining a strong pace the whole way. As coach says dig in and enjoy the pain. That comment just brings a smile to my face.

Well I know what to do...give'r.

Ciao for now,

Andrew McCartney

Todays Top 5

Top 5 AFI Songs:

  1. "Silver and Cold"
  2. "Love Like Winter"
  3. "Third Season"
  4. "Miss Murder"
  5. "The interview"

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Gillian said...

hey dude, good luck.