3 August 2007

Pre-Drummondville Adventures

"I was always trying to get the best out of my components. Then you screw a screw too tight. Or it breaks or a thread is wrecked. If you don't screw a screw to tight ten times you'll never know how far you can screw." -Bjorn Riis (Team CSC)

I will leave you with that, a different way to think of the old saying.

Into un-familiar lands for a very familiar reason. Drummondville, Quebec for both Senior and U/23 Nationals. I have been quite calm so far, nerves not seen until now. It kind of hits you. Today it hit me half way through a lovely dinner. But it was an interesting day.

I slept in to the ripe hour of 9:45 or so began putting the bike together and realized I have a piece of glass lodged into the tire of my front wheel. Sooo, kindly Kerry lent me her bike and I struggled down about 7kms of road to the shop balancing a wheel in one hand and steering with the other. Got there waited 2 hours for it to be fixed as storm #1 rolled past. So no riding for 24 hours. Soo Kerry on her bike and I running, ran down to an outdoor pool which was delayed for some time due to storm #2. Storm #2 was amazing! I was reminded of one of my all time favourite runs of my life thus far. It must have been either Vancouver or Kelowna but I was running through a forest and I was being literally chased by a storm, lightning, thunder and rain. Very exhilarating. Well this run is up there with the best. Dashing through the extreme weather. I do enjoy extreme weather. Didn't get into the pool but made it up later in the day in the river.

But I lay here now, a tad nervous and trying to calm myself down from quite the day in this quaint town of Drummondville. So I am off and a pre-race report is to come.

Take care,

Andrew McCartney

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BP said...

Gotta love those storms that clear up the humidity.

Best of luck Andrew!