30 July 2007

Race and Training this week

Hey How are ya!?!

Subaru West Coast Triathlon Series Sooke Sprint

So what a fun race. Rainy, foggy, technical and hilly. What a race, what a race.
Click Here for results But here is how it happened:

Got up nice and early(4:30) and drove for an hour to the race course. 8:30 the Race began and I quickly move to the front and held a steady fast pace concentrating on high cadence, working hard to spread the pack out. T1 was quite slow. But since it was TT it was not as crutial. I will have to do some transition practice in the upcoming week.
The first 10km or so I just stayed 10m behind Dano and Scotty waiting for the hills after the flats. We started the climb and I geared up and pinned it. I worked the hill very very hard trying to get out of sight. At the end of the climbs I settled into a great aero position and worked it. An odd sign saying bikes go right when we were suppose to go forward made me take a wrong turn. When I was called back I rode into the ditch. I did not crash but I had to get off my bike cutting my foot open. So in T2 I had difficulty getting my shoes on and lost valuable time.

Out onto the run I noticed the pain in the middle of the foot but ran well in spite of it. It was a slow hilly course. I had high cadence and ran tough. I felt stronger as I went along. The run build is paying off. Overall I am happy with my result. And it was a good motivator for Nationals.

So since then I have had some solid training. Including some solid sets in the pool and a tough set on Durrance hill. The classic 3xfull climb, 3xhalf climb and 3xflat road which I am feeling now. I really worked it. Trying to dig myself a bit of a hole and challenge myself to back it up. I dug myself a little deeper yesterday with a solid set on the Lochside trail. Good old fashioned 6xkm repeats. Solid set but definately am feeling the past few weeks of training, time for a taper.
Well I am off Take care and Ciao for now,

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