30 July 2007

I think I know who rubbed me off the road last...Iain!

This is an article in the Times Colonist this morning that really disappoints me in so many ways. I gues we ride along Dallas Road for the condition of the road and the wind. But don't take my word, have a read...
Click On the Title to read the Article.
Keep the rubber side down.
Ciao for now,


Anonymous said...

wow that has to be the most rediculus article i have ever read!!! What an absolute tool!! I bet he is fat..

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Iain.
Iain is a mister crabby pants and spells his name[Ian] with two I's.
How about this Iain, Doctor Chopper proscribes that you get yourself a road bike and Harden The F*** Up.

Andrew McCartney said...

Ha ha ha, Spot on Chopper!

I love the Chopper Read Reference, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Iain Hunter if you were the fat ugly kid that couldn't be pretty enough to wear spandex and ride bikes fast, but don't be hating!

thanks for the article Andrew, it is a real eyeopener