12 August 2007

Aries March 21 - april 19

"Water, welfare, wood, witches and cake. A seemingly unconnected series of events will come together into one big party this month. All of the loose ends that have been hanging around in the back of your mind will come to the fore, and in typical Aries fashion you will herd them together and the resolutions will fall into place one after the other. Make sure you do not forget the basics otherwise the strong growing foundation on which you are standing could wither away, leaving you to flounder. This is a fantastic month. A series of wows."

Ok so I don't normally read Astrology but this morning with my bowl of Cereal I was reading through the Peninsula Times and found this astonishing article! Evidently I am either going to have a wicked party or my race in Kelowna should be a good one.
  • Three "seemingly unconnected series of events" (Swimming, Biking and Running) will come together? Hmm...

  • "do not forget the basics" (Gels, water and transitions)

"A series of Wows"... Crikey!

Ciao for now,


Daniel Wells said...

maybe it's a good omen for my race in Kelowna as well....seeing as my b-day is Mar 22nd

Andrew McCartney said...

Right on! So your saying we have a better chance of staying away out of the water. Awesome!

Daniel Wells said...

I think we'll need Tichelaar and Bechtel to do that