3 July 2007

Breaking Away

Three of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie:

- best coming of age movie ever made.



Motor Pacing the way it should be done!

I share this with you not only just for movies sake but today in my ride OYO a friendly driver must have seen this movie and put his 4 fingers out the window, then 5 as seen in the clip above.


Ciao for now,



Andrew Russell's Blog said...

dude, this guy is so you!

Are you racing Geneva this weekend?

New Interpol, Heinrich Manoever check it out!

Andrew McCartney said...

Hehe ya I even had the same hair at one point. This movie started my italian fedish. No Geneva for me, Run focus time. I need to get it back up before I race again.
I will definately check out the new Interpol.
Ciao for now,