15 July 2007

Catching up on some Process

With the Tour de France in full force there is no lac of inspiration. Wake up and begin each day with one of the greatest races in the world. But my focus lately has been to stretch out my running endurance and turn my 1500m speed into 10km speed. So I have been logging the miles both on the road and on the treadmill with such sets as(within the past two weeks):

15 mins WU
5 x 3 mins w/ 3 mins @ 2%
5 x 2 mins w/ 2 mins @ 3%
5 x 1 mins w/ 1 mins @ 4%

Pretty happy with a set on Wed, despite record setting temperatures. The group would begin this workout pretty depleted from the sun. The set was:

10min -10.8 m/h @ 2%
8min -10.9 m/h @ 2% -Strugled at the 6min mark but got back into it
6min -11 m/h @ 2% -quite the challenge after sort of hitting the wall on the 8
4min -11.1 m/h @ 2%
2min -11.2 m/h @ 2%

- 4 and 2 were quite manageable due to all the speed work I have done early in the season

20 min in the ocean was just what the doctor ordered with 38 degree Celsius temperatures

Thursday was Motor pacing with Steve Lund. I set a challenge for myself by staying on the second wheel which proved to be difficult to soak up a draft. I was feeling strong and having a good time until my cleat came loose so it became a left leg workout. I managed, just pushing down with my right foot and focusing on my left. My weak leg just caught up with my good leg. A winter of rollers came in handy and I reminded myself of the time Craig Walton had to ride with his running shoes through the 40km ride.

I had been looking forward to saturday's ride for some time as it was hill repeats! And to wake up to see an amazing performance in the tour by 24 year old Linus Gardemann (T-Mobile)(see Below) excited me even more. Solid set on Durance Hill and back home for a run off the bike quite happy with the set.

Today we were down at Beacon Hill for a tough workout. The set was Twice through, 1 "Harder than Hamish Loop" and 1 "Figure 8 loop." I was really feeling yesterdays hill repeats but suprisingly I felt best on the hill of the "Harder than Hanish Loop." Gutsy workout considering yesterdays workout. We need to work on a name for the Figure 8 loop.

But that has been the "Process" for the past two weeks. The process to get me to the Outcome. I would like to share with you a very funny group from New Zealand, called "Flight of the Conchords":

Flight of the Conchords - "Inner City Pressure"

See also: Flight of the Conchords - "She's So Hot -Boom"
or Flight of the Conchords - "Rain Ballad"

Ciao for now,

Todays Top 5

Five more totally obscure songs in no order:

  1. Flight of the Conchords - She's so hot -boom (From New Zealand)
  2. Kinky - Sister Twisted (From Mexico)
  3. CSS - Let's Make love and listen to Death from above (From Brazil)
  4. Roisin Murphy - Night of the Dancing Flame (as seen in "so you think you can dance)
  5. Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopoptamus vs. Rhymenoceros

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