30 June 2007

Race Report for Edmonton World Cup and Training

Well it is about time I do a post-race report. Second World Cup, first World Cup finish. But enough beating around the bush, here is how it happened.

Well I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Edmonton with Scotty, Patrick and Andrew Russell which made for a fun, relaxing time at the University of Alberta Dorms. I had a few good days on the course leading up to race day which made me quite excited to race.

#65 Andrew McCarntey

Sunday, 3:45 start time and due to my ranking of 65th(again) my start position was on the far right which created the challenge of swimming the extra distance to the front pack but I have done it before so I was ready. So the race began and I managed to move over to the front pack. On this day, "pack swimming" did not like me. I found myself surrounded and taking a beating from those around me. I managed and exited the water front pack and worked the transition zone to ensure a spot in the pack.

A fast transition, a strong first km and hard up the hill, set me up for a good ride. The pace was stiff but I was very excited to be in such good company. Positioning myself correctly in the pack for the hard efforts up the hills and Spinning my legs in the biggest gear on the descents just to stay in the pack. What a pace!

Me, Kris Gemmell and "Big" Mat Reed

A tough swim and a tough ride made for an even harder run. (T2 didn't help either, as my shoe goes flying behind my bike) But on to the run I felt the cramping again and some stomach pain. Thanks to Scotty and Andrew York's cheering I struggled through it for my first World Cup finish. So again not the finish I was hoping for... perhaps this time a few too many calories before the race but hey...all lessons, right?

As for training, I have had three notable rides thus far.

First one was a simple 1:30 ride with Andrew Russell. He chose a brilliant rout leading us up past Durance lake, across Finlesson Arm, over the Highlands along Munn Rd. and back along Prospect Lake. It was sunny, the roads are like you are in the Tour de France and the high speed Cornering practice was great! Good Choice Andrew!

Second Ride was with the entire crystal gang. The ride was similar to the one with Andrew but a bit more of a choose your own adventure and an adventure is sure became. Simon led us through some beautiful roads packed with hills and challenges and beautiful smooth roads. (A roadies dream) Then the skies opened to an absolute down-pour just as we were beginning our climb up into the highlands. This was not a cold rain. With the prediction of a thunder storm the sky was fierce and the rain was steaming up the roads. Drenched, we arrived at the peak and began our descent carving through windy roads watching out for the painted lines. Looking around, everyone had smiles from cheek to cheek. Epic.

Last but certainly not least, the group met early Saturday morning at the Prospect Lake gas station and began the workout with an Old West Saanich Loop as SS effort. I warmed into this as I was feeling the legs from the day before. The main set was 6X Observatory(2.3km) as steady up to the parking lot and fast for the remainder. I took advantage of my power to weight ratio and felt so strong on the climbs. I also worked the descents working on the high speed cornering.

Observatory Climb Record

Bravo Steve!

Well that is all for now,
Keep it cool,

Todays Top 5

Top 5 Climbs I want to do in my life:

  1. Alpe D'Huz (The Stairway to Heaven)
  2. Monte Zoncolan (Giro D'Italia)
  3. Tour De Flanders Climb (Chaos on the Cobbles)(Ouch)(Boonen, boonen, boonen!)
  4. Passo Dello Stelvio (Hairpins!!)
  5. Col du Tourmalet (For its History)

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