10 December 2006

Words of Wisdom

Prior to Worlds my sister wrote me a letter. I received it two days before the biggest race of the year and It was the perfect e-mail for the situation. I hope it inspires you for your next competition or challenge that is ahead of you. This is what she wrote:

"I think that existentialism can be a great motivator in times like these. I use an existential perspective when ever I feel limitations bearing down on me- we often create invisible barriers when we become nervous, when in fact these are all manifestations of the imagination. Instead, I am completely free in every moment, and with this freedom I am completely free to choose what I do with that moment. Remember that life is only a series of moments, thus each moment dangles in time completely separate from past and future- the feeling that past/future depend on you is just a creation of your mind. Anyways, you've done all your training, right? You’ve put all the hours in? Of course, so all you can do now is live each moment to it's fullest from here on out." -Jenny McCartney

Ciao for now,

Todays Top 5

Top 5 Alternative artists: (subject to change because Alternative is a happening thing)

  1. Sufjan Stevens
  2. Bright Eyes
  3. TV on The Radio
  4. Architecture in Helsinki
  5. The Magnetic Fields

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adam said...

I was waiting for your music choices:

Good call on Sufjan
Have you heard of Regina Spektor?
Some other good tunes:
Ray LaMontagne
Joe Purdy
The Streets (British Rap)
Slackstring (in all the mountain bike videos)
Iron & Wine
Athlete (appropriate)
The Last Kiss Soundtrack

Keep blogging, I enjoy reading it

Andrew McCartney said...

Thanks Adam,
Great Suggestions!
Iron and Wine and Athlete are awesome!
My Favourite of The Streets is "You're Fit But You Know It."
Thanks again,
Andrew McCartney