5 December 2006

Happy cause I'm tired!

Well I am just relaxing in bed with the Christmas lights on giggling in happiness. Wow, what a day! I woke up to a tough tough Break Point set. The main set was:
(8x50, 100 backstroke, 3x100(Lc)) twice through. For this set you really just have to forget about the daunting challenge and just do it and as Neil always says, "Don't be alarmed if you go fast." I held the goal pace of 32sec per 50 with 31 strokes and the 1.07 sec(100m) with 32 stroke rate.
Finished the 5km swim and off to the hot tub right after Bill the maintenance guy tossed my towel and clothes in the pool. Thanks Bill, next time you are going in. Bill likes to pick on us skinny triathletes. You would be swimming along and look up to the bleachers and he would have a coffee in one hand and the middle finger in the other hand. But it is all in good fun, he is actually a really cool guy.

Had a nap in the day (Recovery Point) for 3 hours that may effect me tonight but I felt I needed it.

Off to run practice an hour early so I would warm up with the early birds Mike, Mat and Darren. So good long warm up for 2 sets of 8x200m with 2km Steady State between sets. I held within 30 - 32sec per 200 . Driving home I was just sooo happy. Happy that these workouts are all money in the bank, an investment towards a nice withdrawal in the race season to come.

Solid Day and Happy birthday to Hatter. Cheers mate...

That's it I'm going to bed.

Top 5

Top 5 favorite workouts.

  1. Pure Gutsy hill repeats up the observatory on the Bike.
  2. 3x {5x300m} on the Track. Classic!
  3. Bricks!! 6x{3 laps around Ring road Campus(6km) and then 1km off the bike.}
  4. "The 12 Days of Christmas" -not totally sure about the details but it worked out to be 11km of swimming once -Craig I have 3 requests for this sometime during the Christmas break
  5. Victoria Wheelers Ride! - Basically a sunday hammer fest especially when the tour is on TV. Everyone feels like they are in the tour with sprints and all. It is a blast!


Anonymous said...

I think Jasper upstaged you with his top 10 list! Y

Anonymous said...

I did something similiar to the 12 days of Christmas.
A few of us from Brantford travelled up to Brock University and did the 12 hours of Christmas. You literally swam for 12 hours with a few breaks and had a cooler full of food because you were burning calories so quickly.
Many people bonked out, not sure what the total distance was in the end.

Waterloo, ON

Andrew McCartney said...

I hope my swim coach Neil doesn't read this. He doesn't need any new ideas