19 November 2006

Rain Rain go away...


Well we have had a number of mild days but it is back. It is not just pouring out there, its windshield wipers on full speed, taking a bath, walking between classes and the sun is never coming out again. And then it happens the clouds part and for half an hour the sun shines out of an angry sky and the light is extraordinary and you can't help grinning.

On the relatively mild days I got some good solid training in. Some BEAUTIFUL RUNS on Dallas Road! I am now on a 4 days on, 1 day off program as I build. Mainly just swimming and running. I should be back running with the Vikes on Thursday. Off to the usual Tuesday class and I see Mike leaving his, another one of the characters on the Track and Field team.

Good looking team! (Mike what are you doing in the Back Row?) Looking forward to racing with you guys in the new Year!

I have been experimenting with European Music. Well European alternative. I have discovered a number of groups like, The Knife, Belle and Sebastian and Beirut with help from my sister. I like trying out new music. I have an eclectic collection of music. Everything from Indie Rock and Roll to Country. The most outrageous song I know would have to be Kurt Cobain's favorite band, the indie rock specialist, "Beat Happening's - Bad Seeds" If indie rock is not for you then stay far away from Beat Happening.

Well training is going awesome, School is wrapping up and Life is good.

Good night and Good luck,

Andrew J McCartney

Todays top 5

Top 5 Inspirational Runners in History (keeping with the running mind-set)

  1. Dorando Pietri (1908 Olympics) See also.
  2. Fanny Blankers-Koen (4 Gold Medals at age 30)
  3. Steve Prefontaine (Guts, Glory and Attitude)
  4. Roger Bannister (3.59.4 Mile)


Anonymous said...


will you or any of the vikes be running over at nationals come dec 2nd?

Andrew McCartney said...

There will be a number of the Vikes athletes heading over to Nationals and a number of Triathletes from the centre. Most of the Vikes are starting to prepare for Indoor season and I am in this group.

Thanks For the Comment, It is good to know someone is reading my blog.

Keep in touch,

Sophie said...

C'mon, prefontaine deserves better than 4th!!!

Andrew McCartney said...

hmm... good point Sophie, but consider this...Fanny Blankers-Koen could have given up on her goals when her olympic dream was delayed due to WWII. Instead, she not only persevered but won 4 golds at the age of 30 and while raising two children.

But thank you for your comment.
Your Friend,

Anonymous said...

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