16 November 2006

All For One ... Run For All

Tuesday morning had a 4km swim. Felt strong and smooth. Just got into a groove. Swam well.

However, the highlight of the day was the run. I only ran for 40min but 15 of this was Tempo and I felt that effortless feeling again. Effortless speed. It is nice to see it is all coming back fast. There is nothing better than that light springy feeling of running fast. I also find running is the best time to clear out the attic. I do my best thinking when I run.

Wednesday morning swim again and it is nice to see Colin, Kyle and Kirsten back in Victoria and in the pool after an extended season of racing. Way to finish on a high note guys. Congrats. Swam well another solid 4km. Again, though the highlight came in the afternoon with a 1:30 on the rollers. Doing all the tricks again including a new one: One Leg Cycling! Awesome! Did a number of hard sets but I felt fast! If I were on the road, I think I would be going really Fast. I have the Powertap back on the bike so next ride I will know for sure. My heart rate was definately up there.

Term papers are all due Final Exams are coming up and Indoor Track is sprinting ahead. I'm writing one paper on the Environmental Health of British Columbia's largest River Basin - the Fraser River. One paper is about tracking how Newspapers cover Environmental Issues - very disturbing.

Did you know that we Canadians have access to 20% of the world's Fresh Water. Apparently we waste it big time. We use twice as much on a daily basis as the average European!

And well that brings you up to date. Hope all is well out there.

Take Care,


Andrew McCartney

Today's Top 5

Top 5 Locations to Run in Victoria:

1. Dallas Road/Beacon Hill -Breathtaking

2. Mount Doug Park -Hard core, but fun

3. Elk and Beaver Lake -Grew up on this one, Started on my bike with training wheels beside my parents who ran

4. Thetis Lake -Always a good challenge

5. The Gorge/ Inner harbour -Great on a sunny day

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