12 November 2006

Back into the Flow of things.

O K, so...to catch you up. Coach Craig Taylor has me on a 2 day on, 1 day off program to build me back into the flow of training. Wednesday I had an early swim, about 5km not too hard a lot of pull so that was a bit hard on the shoulders but recovered fast. Checked in at the office for work but was not needed. Everything under control there. Had an hour and a half of rollers in the afternoon. That was a blast! I have really got this down. Next I am going to add an attachment with magnets in order to create resistance. That little extra challange.

Friday, a group of us ran at Mount Doug. Everything was very wet and very muddy. But I loved it. We did some pickups just to get the legs firing. Felt awesome. Springy and fast and the fitness is coming back. I am looking forward to a winter of some hard hard run training to get me ready for a sub peak, Indoor season with the Vikes.

Saturday went for a ride with the guys out on the road. A Cycling focus will have to wait till later in the season. I am mainly concerned about skills at the moment. Even with the rain I work the corners, think about apexing each corner and the proper lean. Also Rollers will make me very efficient once I start pushing the big gears.

As for today I had tough swim workout, about 4.5Km of Short Course Racing Fun. We had series of 50's with a Time Trial in the middle. I swam a 26.1 which was O K. Near the end of the set Craig made a challenge swim. Scotty and I had a Time we had to beat. If I swim faster than 25.5 or if Scotty swam a 26.1 the group would be free to go home. I was feeling pretty tired from the rest of the set but I gave it my best. Both Scotty and I were just off. I swam 25.8 and Scotty swam a 26.3. Next time.

I was talking to Brad Cunningham and he gave me some great advice. We were talking about aspirations in life. I told him one of my goals outside of triathlon was to own a coffee shop. He told me that you have to let people know about your dreams. If you keep it in, it will not happen. The old saying you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. When I was in Europe, I tried out many different cafes and I came home with so many ideas for a piece of Europe in Victoria.

Well the electricity should be going out any minute because we are going through a true west coast wind storm so I better wrap it up. I am heading down to Clover Point to do some storm watching.

Till next time...keep on rocking in the Free world.

Andrew McCartney

Todays Top 5

Top 5 Coffee shops in Victoria

  1. Bean Around the World (Funky atmosphere)
  2. Moka House on Cook St. (Noisy and Fun)
  3. Mirage (Best Coffee "Art")
  4. Mocambo Coffee (Poetry readings, "Artsy Fartsy")
  5. Pacific Union (Tres Chic)

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Anonymous said...


I am in as a regular when you open it Andrew!
If there is food there, I will be loyal forever! My natural shape is good for your business. :)