1 November 2006

Had a Good Day

7am the alarm goes off I am up and I am off to the pool. I always get there early. I feel it is a time to adapt to the scenery and lighting. The initial dive is always a shock to the system. (especially the chilly Commonwealth Pool) I begin the workout with the traditional "Run and Jump." I don't know about others but I always have to have a good song in my head as I swim. But I don't just hum the tune, I sing it out loud. But nobody notices because when I breath, that is the gasp of air between lyrics. It works very well for breathing every 3 to 5 strokes creating proper breathing patterns.
Later I had a nice coffee break with my Sister Jenny and My Mother Lisa at the Pacific Union. It is a New place close to China Town beside Dragon Alley. I have my favorite Coffee(an Americano) and I practiced some "Joiner Photography" See Below for example. This is a project in progress but it is close. The Idea is that if one picture makes you look at it once, then 10 pictures will make you look at it 10 times. It also gives the sense of movement and activity such as having coffee with your sister and your mother.

Later in the day I decided do some spinning on the rollers. I only spun for 40 min's but of that 40 minutes 30 of it was no hands! (New Personal Best) Proudly I finished, put the bike away, hot tub for 20min and then home.

One of my favorite movies is, "High Fidelity" staring John Cusack. Throughout this movie John names off top 5 lists. These lists range from Top 5 love songs to Top 5 break ups. I am going to do the same starting today. See Below.

Till next time,

Thank You and Good Night

Andrew McCartney

Today's List is:
Top 5 Songs to Sing During a Workout
  1. Econoline Crush - You Don't Know What its Like
  2. Europe - Final Countdown
  3. A Fire Inside - Silver and Cold
  4. Led Zepplin - Immigration Song
  5. The Arcade Fire - Rebellion Lies

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Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid to actually rest dude.

Halo is good for that...