31 October 2006

Off-season Anguish

Ask any athlete and they will tell you that one of the hardest parts of an athlete's year is the down time...Or maybe that's just me. Coming off of the triathlon season I jumped right into the XC season thus the reason why I am on an active break now. 'Active break' meaning, I throw a run in here, a swim in there and a bike ride anywhere especially with all this wonderful weather we are having here in Victoria. To think it is snowing in Edmonton and over in Ontario makes me appreciate the moderate weather of Victoria. Plus I don't mind the rain. It makes you feel hard core as people are staring at you as they drive by in the pouring rain. Although on those really stormy days you can find me in the Mezzanine of the Commonwealth Pool Spinning away on the rollers. For those who do not know what rollers are you can see it in this photo, here only without the cool shades. I started this early last year. Rollers are designed to create a more round pedal stroke. Instead of "smashing" the pedals downward only. All in all it is to make you ride in a straight line and increase your efficiency on a bike. You start out just hoping to stay on the thing and later going no handed or standing. Last time I rolled I did ten minutes no hands and another 10min standing a new personal best. I think I will hold off on the one legged spinning or the one leg one arm. It is nice to know that in my time off I haven't lost too much in the skill department. I also feel I haven't lost much in the swimming technique department. I had a swim on Sunday, just a minor 2km dip but it's all coming back. I just focus on the catch and I glide along. Now fitness, that is a different story but no need for swim fitness this early in the season for me. I will bring that up in in March. But I am off. My coffee is finished, my blog is up to date and I have a class to get to. So till next time I bid you adieu.

Your friend, Andrew McCartney

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