28 October 2006

Back to full Force

I believe this is the perfect time to write my first real Posting. Due to Low Iron I had been having a few hard weeks getting into the XC Country season with the Vikes. But with the latest Results I have the go ahead to begin setting a base for the Indoor Track Season and the Triathlon Season that follows. It began this morning with a 40min Base run around Cedar Hill Park. First Run back was a tad rough but I felt a lot better on the second half of the run. I will just build from this each workout adding 5-10min. After I had a nice breakfast with the triathlon guys at a restaurant called "Johns Place," nice little place and Good Coffee. Zipped on home and Got to work on a Critique of an art show. I have just returned from the Gym which was quite a workout. First time out is always the worst. I am going to be sore tomorrow. I iced for 10min in the ocean to make the shock to the body a little less.(1 Recovery Point) You always feel so much better after a dip in the ocean. On my way home you just pull in to the Mt. Doug Park and walk down the long beach to the icy water. It is not as good as it is down on Dallas Road but it does the Job. You will notice as I go along that I will keep track of my Daily Recovery Points. This is a game we are playing in the Centre to ensure good recovery after a workout. The Rules for the game are located Here. Well I am off to my Studies and then a Halloween Get together this evening. I am dressing up as Jimmy Page. I have painted the Dragon onto the side of a pair of tight Black Pants, a wig and a open silver top. Although I am unsure I want to lug around the guitar too much. I am happy to be back and excited for the training to come.


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Jairus Streight said...

yeaaaa jimmy page. way to rock the sexy wigs man... we pretty much had the best costumes there! Hey I serious wanna ask you about your recovery soccer... can you seriously give me a ring whenever you get the time? cheers,

ur partner in retro-crime


ps. i claim the first comment on your soon-to-be-legendary blogspot. yessssssssss