5 November 2006

A Break from the Rain

After about 3 days of constant downpour, the clouds subsided and gave way for a very enjoyable run this morning. Just a cruisy 10km with the Vikes at Elk and Beaver Lake. The trails weren't as muddy as I thought they would be, but there were some spots where the lake had overflowed a tad bit. I rushed home to see the results of the Cancun BG Triathlon World Cup. Some solid performances, some dissapointments and some just pure bad luck (Flat). Off to my home away from home. I do my studies in a small office on the pool deck that I like to call mine. I borrow a bit of Internet time, turn on some quiet music. It is this kind of atmospher where I am most productive. (Study Log: Solid 4hours) I believe I am 1/3rd ready, right on schedule for thursdays exam. Study, study study up to swim practice. Run and jump and off. Swam 3km with about 500m of effort. The rest was focusing on stretching out the arms and getting as much as I can out of every stroke. Felt awesome! Swam well.

Todays Top 5:

Top 5 Places in the World I Wish to Race.

1. Siena, Italy (A must)

2. Melbourne, Australia (Train and Race here)

3. La Habana, Cuba

4. London, England (Olympics 2012!)

5. Bejing, China (Olympics 2008)

(Siena, Italy)

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SQW said...

MC this is great, love the blog, very funny, look forward to seeing you at training.