28 June 2012

Into the Fray

Steady training continues interspersed with racing which hasn't been as smooth as my training has but my 'A' race is coming up. Like training, you do the first half of the set in order to hit the second half perhaps this is all set up for the remainder of the season.
Ixtapa was the first race of the season. One thing can be said about the first race of the season. The Canadians did their fair share of the work at the front of the pack. For most of the ride, Jeffrey Phillips, Francis Lefebvre, Antoine Jolicoeur-Desroches and myself were circulating through at the front of the pack trying to chase down the break. In-spite the work on the bike I did run in for a 32.38 10km. Next was St. Anthony's 5150 which was a good experience. The St. Pete community welcomed me in as one of their own.   With a mix of poor flight logistics and being unfamiliar with the Non-drafting rules and leniencies I found the race to be frustrating. That aside, I did need work on my strength on the bike. This was made obvious in Huatulco in the week to follow. Disappointments continued in Dallas when I was one of the 15 athletes who did not finish due to heat exhaustion. From 39 Degree weather to the windy moderate temperatures of the west coast. I met up with Brianna in San Francisco. I participated in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon as a training race. I had a good swim and run but I know I need more time on the TT bike and refinement to the position. To top it off, I had my first crash in 2 years at the wednesday night criterium. I got back up and finished but it serves as the cherry on top.

It may sound gloomy but as I always say, a race is only a failure when you don't learn something.

First off, I have never passed out in a sporting event before. Nor came close to.... I have had a history of strong racing in heat. Dallas should have been no different. Like modern soils, intensive agriculture on land makes for desertification. The same can happen in us. We live in an age where food has much less nutritional value. There are a few things which I have been suggested for me to try. The number 1 thing that came up was: 'beware of Sugar.' Refined sugar and sugar in general is the number one cause of mineral/vitamin deficiency. As an alternative raw unpasteurized honey and black strap molasses are two sweeteners which would actually be good for you since they are mineral, Vitamin and enzyme rich.  With this change, I find I no longer need my mid-day nap and I generally have more energy.

It seems like every year, I have a gradual build into my cycling fitness. Usually racing myself into strong cycling. I have had a wired SRM Power meter but between twisted/torn cables and trouble with software, reviewing the data proved impossible. Powertap was simple to use, software was plug n'play but my understanding of power was limited to the Alley Cat Harbour Sprints. "Yay! I got 1450watts!!!!" However with some suggested readings, its value and urgency to acquire a meter has greatly increased. Working twice a week at the Bakery, odd-job coaching opportunities here n'there and an evening of rolling pennies, nickels and dimes from 5 coffee cups filled with change, I am almost there! 3 days till Pay Day!

Ten days now till Nationals. Nationals this year is a bit different. Instead of the usual olympic distance we are racing a sprint. (750m swim, 20km ride, 5km run) Instead of a Continental or Pan american Cup it is a World Cup meaning a limited start list with WC standards a must. The course however is familiar. The Edmonton course makes for a hilly bike and run. With my strong Bazan Bay 5km PB I am going into Nationals with the knowledge that I have a strong 5km split in me. One thing for sure, starts, transitions and tactics will have to be sharp. Especially in a sub one hour race like a sprint triathlon. But more on that closer to the event.

Hope all is well out there,
Ciao for now,

Into the Fray I Go.

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