6 February 2012

Running in Victoria

The sun is out and we are running! It has been a big week of running. I took part in a 4 part VO2 Variability test. I don't believe I am legally allowed to post the results or the procedures but the week was made up of 4 solid run workouts. One of which is the usual VO2 Test or Maximal Oxygen Consumption Test. That number that you kind of want to know but in a way do not want to know. Either way, I jumped onto the treadmill with a mask on my face recording the data and ran till I reached a new max heart rate and could not maintain the speed any longer. Here is a Video from that test:

Last friday was the VO2 Test. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were the Step tests to measure the Variables. I personally really enjoyed the tests. They made for some solid runs and I look forward to gathering info on my heart rate zones. (Zone 1 ...to... Zone 5)

Between tests I kept training as usual with several good rides including hill repeats and a general build in volume. Swimming is race ready. Swam the World Cup standard of 9.36 in 9.09 Long course and have generally been swimming well.

Sunday, I exercised my competitive juices in the Cedar 12km Road Race. Cedar is a small community south of Nanaimo. The Course includes several significant hills but reasonable times are possible. This was my first 12km Road race. I warmed up nicely for 20minutes with some drills and strides more to loosen off the hip flexors. 
Off the gun Simon Whitfield started quickly with James Lander right with him. I settled in with 4 others. Gradually in the first 3-4kms including a strong climb at 3.5km the group narrowed down to Sean Chester and I. Sean got a 10m gap on me around the half way point and would hold it to the end. I ran through 5km in sub 16minutes and through 10km in 32.39 and finished the 12km in 39.13. I placed 4th overall and 2nd in the 25-29 age group. Overall it was an encouraging race and I am excited to race again. Results can be found HERE.
Friday we fly to Tucson Arizona to build upon our riding and get some heat but more on that later.
Hope all is well,
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