16 January 2012

So Far So Good.

I hope everyone had a pleasant holidays and happy new years to all.
The Boys (We take things very serious) 

In the early weeks of December leading up to the holidays training had been quite consistent with some awesome runs with the gang and the odd run with the UVic xc/track team. With the weather outside rather grey we go indoors for our winter swim focus. With 6-7km swims, we start to feel a bit water logged but it sure makes dropping back down to 5-5.5km swims feel quite easy. All in all a nice base to the season. Swim coaches Rick Say and Gord Veldman have been relentless in encouraging strong posture keeping tension between our shoulder blades. Almost instantaneously I noticed a huge difference. Fatigue is delayed and I feel much more solid in the water. So I began incorporating this into my running and cycling. Again I notice such a difference.

This year after spending Christmas with my family, I joined Brianna and her family in Calgary. Calgary itself was not very cold but we made many trips up to Banff and Lake Louise. I experienced XC Skiing for the first time. The scenery was amazing, surrounded by mountain peaks it was one of those experiences that you feel completely part of nature at its finest. I also had the pleasure of running on Nose Hill. This semi barren rolling landscape invites you to run to the highest point. You run to one summit, realize there is another one a little higher and commit to running to the top of that one. At the top, you look around and see nothing but the Rockie Mountain foothills. What a view.

Three more weeks here in Victoria, then the boys and I will be heading down to Tucson Arizona for some warm weather and a bike focus. I have been having dreams of riding up Mount Lemmon on my new steed. But more on that and Tucson later,
Hope all is well out there,
ciao for now,

I had the absolute pleasure of going to a Dan Mangan Concert. The Show was amazing and Dan was awesome live. Awesome voice and great lyrics. Dan invited Aidan Knight out of the crowd to come up and sing one of his songs. 
Aidan Knight - Jasper

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