23 September 2010

Since I've been back...

....I've been out and about.

"I'm running in the rain,
On a dark and Cloudy Day."
     - Misstress Barbara (I'm running feat. Sam Roberts)

Yes the weather has taken a turn for the worse, but frankly I love it. With the proper clothing you can be just right. We are at that perfect point where it is still warm out, you simply just get wet and since when has it been a problem getting wet, right. It feels like you are in a sports commercial, whether you are going hard or not you put on a grimace as you bite through the rain. What pleasure.

In Local news....
My friend Vanessa Service gave me the opportunity to help out in something great by Volunteering to clean up the shoreline near Ogden Point. Coordinator Alisa Preston is a dive instructor so we even had a crew of divers swimming under the surface picking up fishing line and pretty much anything that the imagine could find. It is amazing the amount of garbage we pulled out of the ocean and off the beaches in only 2 hours of cleaning. It was a beautiful day, met some great and interesting people. Thanks to Alisa for organizing the event and Vanessa for inviting me.

Thats all for now,

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