14 September 2010

Numbers, Sailing, back! and Music

And were back!

In my off season I have been trying my hand at some cooking so here are some highlights;

2 Apple pies

1 Peach Pie

1(doubled) Batch of Peanut better Cookies

A 4 course dinner including:


Warm Goat Cheese with Shallot Vinaigrette

Main Course:
New York Style Calzones (From Scratch)

Lemon Curd Creme Brulee

When the days were hot, I would go down to the beach, when the days were cold I would be in the coffee shop. Normally if the days were windy I would be out in the Laser but sadly earlier I decided to go sailing in 35+ Knot winds. I felt very cool fighting the wind amongst others struggling to harness and be in control of the wind. Sailing across the bay I was reaching (wind is at your side) when I herd a big rip. Soon after the entire sail tore to strips. Luckily it was an onshore breeze and I drifted towards shore.

Monday was my first day back to training. THANK GOODNESS. One more week without training and I surely would have gone mad. Monday consisted of a swim and a ride. Though everything felt like it was in slow motion it is nice to hop into the pool and pump the legs on the bike. Swims this week are going to be mainly at "The Dungeon" aka McKinnon on Campus as all the other pools are being cleaned up. Today is a double run. Had my first this morning and yes... I am out of shape. Which is not a bad place to be, but not to stay.

More on that later,
Ciao for now,

Now for music:
Here is some very 'Chill' music by a London band, 'The XX'

The XX - Crystallized

The XX - Islands

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