21 August 2010

Stage 19 - 2010 Lausanne ITU Triathlon Sprint World Championships

Stage 19 (Saturday)
First off here is the Media release of the event. Got some good screan time on the big climb of the course.

Today was the ITU Triathlon Sprint World Championships. There were lots of big names on the start list so it was sure to be a hard hard race. It did not dissapoint. I lined up far right alone at first but was joined by Unger, Dye, McKlarty to name a few. So the power swimmers were on the right.
I took it out really well when McLarty came up beside me wanting to take the lead so I let him. We swam well stretching out the pack. I came up beside him for the exit and passed him into transition.

A pack of 5 of us formed. Including Jonathan Brownlee, Harry Wiltshire, Daniel Unger, Dustin McKlarty and I. First hill I was second wheel to Brownlee as he pushed the pace and we dropped Mcklarty. We worked very hard holding on to a 15sec lead through until the end of the second lap. Where we were caught going through transition area. My fitness began to catch up to me on the climbs to follow. I was fine for the 3rd hill but the 4th I was stretched out.
Onto the run I suffered on the first lap but found my legs on the second lap much too little, much too late.

Overall a supper hard day. Gave it my all on that break. I had to, it was an all or nothing scenario. Plus with such athletes like Unger and Brownlee in the break I was sure it had enough fire power. Sounds like Greg Bennett and Tim Don were doing some major work to make sure it did not.

Tomorrow is the Team triathlon World Championships in which I will be the anchor for. We are all very excited for this event. We all do a mini triathlon and tag on to the next athlete. Each athlete swims 260m 8km hammer fest on the bike(two laps including the hill) and a 1.35km run....and tag off to the next athlete. The order for the canadian team will be Alison Hooper, Jeff Philips, Lauren Groves and then I will finish it up.

But more on that later,
Till then,
ciao for now,

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