20 August 2010

Pre-Lausanne Sprint World Champs Post Stage 17 and 18

Panerama View From Window

Stage 17 (Thursday)
Thursday was a bit of a travel day jumping from bus to train to train to taxi all in order to get to lausanne, Switzerland. After settling into the hotel we took a bus down to the race briefing which took place at the Olympic Museum. Quick run on the course and off to dinner.

Stage 18 (Friday)
Today we made the final preporations for tomorrows stage. We began the day with a police escourted bike tour. I would estimate that all 140 of us were out on the course for two laps testing out the hill and the corners on the course. The hill is not as steep as Geneva and is about 800m. It is about a 10% grade. the corners are all fairly rounded.

Jeff and I ran a lap of the run course together after an activation swim on the course. Water is a bit on the cold side but is borderline non-wetsuit.

Since this is a world championship race we recieved some team racing suits with a very cool custom screening. Coming out of the water it looks a bit like the painted suits as seen on the cover of the Pink Floyd Album.[Above] I will be racing as McC[art] ney as the [art] gives me a wedgey. Ha ha. One thing is for sure the great colour scheme will look sharp out on the race course. It caused a bit of a stir this morning at warm up. I actually got stopped, "Hold on, I have to have a look at this."

So tomorrow I race and my goal is to execute it well and race smart. Whatever placing it earns me, I will be pleased as long as I race smart and am focused on the task at hand. It is a sprint distance event so minor mistakes have a large effect on the result especially with the calibre of athletes competing tomorrow. Never settle, never get comfortable.

I am so excited. Should be tough but fun.
But that is is all for now,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney

Now for some more French Music.
Christophe maé - Je me lache

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