10 May 2010

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." - Ralph Emerson

I had mixed feelings about Jack White's(From The Whitestripes) new band. The First Album was really something else. Very different. Different is something Jack White is known for. But the new single by ‘The Dead Weather’ is super catchy. Kind of evil but catchy.

The Dead Weather – Die by the Drop

More on the soft side, here is a pleasant tune from the sing/songwriter Jamie Cullum.

Jamie Cullum - Wheels

Much has occurred since I last posted. I returned back to training fairly quickly. I solved my issue with the cuboid. Turns out to be a mix of tight calves and me trying to extend the life of a pair of shoes that I should have moved on from. Now with a new pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and relentless work on my calves I am back running full.
I stuck to my plan of logging some major miles on the bike, including my first Criterium of the season, which I have mixed feelings about. Tactically I was a bit silly responding to everything and too much time at the front. I did manage to have one shot at a break away. Stayed away for a lap and a bit but was swallowed up by the pack. Marcel Arden stole the show with an attack at the perfect time. He rode away making for a mass sprint for second. Bob Cameron took the sprint finish. I ended up 7th. Results found HERE. This Wednesday is Newton Heights. (My Favourite) This Criterium usually goes to either the hill climber of the crowd or the “Tough Man” There is no hiding in a race like this. Should be fun.
We have been doing loads of rides and Bricks on what I like to call the Paris-Roubaix of Victoria. It does not have cobbles but is quite bumpy. The nice thing about it is the change in elevation and the lack of cars with the exception of a short bit on the Highway. Close to home. I have ridden on these roads since I was 10 years old when I would race through the farmland on my Salmon (pink) Bianchi.

A route that I never get enough of is the good old Highlands. With such long warm days I tend to finish off the day with a ride up Willis Point Hill, through the rolling technical roads of Ross-Durrance, up and over Munns Road and Home.

In the pool I am still getting constant instruction from Rick. Each practice involves a barrage of adjustments, and analysis of my “feel of the water.” I am however starting to really get the hang of it. Feeling more efficient. Every movement is hydrodynamic and every pull stretches from my furthest reach to a flick of the wrist past my waist.

This Sunday I embark on my trip down to Ixtapa Mexico by taking the ferry to Vancouver. I will not be with my traveling buddy Aruss as he is off to Scottland. Instead, I will be heading down with a larger group which should be lots of fun. But more on that later.

For now I am off to do some maintenance on the Laser.
Hope all is well, n’talk to you later.

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