22 April 2010

"Each decision we make, each action we take, is born out of an intention" - Sharon Salzberg


Brian Burton and James Mercer (originally the lead vocalist and guitarist of 'The Shins') came together in 2009 to form 'Broken Bells.' Here is their first single.

Broken Bells - The High Road

So there is some new music, now going back 11 years to this classic by The Tea Party. I have heard some people say they don't like his music but I was reminded of this song recently and you know, it brings out so much emotion. What a voice too.

The Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down

Back in town I have jumped right into taking care of business. First off, with a number of pokes, prods, twists and cracks Rob Hasegowa put my cuboid back into place. He makes it seem so simple. Now what I need is some time to heal (bruising and what-not) and to loosen up my calf which is either the cause or the effect of the cuboid. (Sort of the Chicken and the egg scenario; which came first?)

Second a visit to the Clinic diagnosed me with a Virus of the Bronchioles giving me random attacks of coughing and asthma like symptoms. This is also now improving. With a prescription I should be able to kick this virus that has been affecting me for the past month or so.

Considering Monterrey ended up being simply a good brick workout I am determined to get training hard. We have been very fortunate to have 3-time Olympian Rick Say on deck picking apart our technique. My Technique has gone rather unchanged for a long time and over this time I have picked up some bad habits. I’m not exactly an old dog, but still learning new tricks is hard. The last number of workouts I have been constantly thinking about how I finish off my stroke. Every so often I mess up and get it wrong. “Good, Good, Good, S***!!, Good, Good”

I am not pleased with how I rode in Monterrey maybe affected by the virus but none the less I am not where I should be with a virus or not. So Since I have been home, I have been logging lots of shammy time and I don’t mean sitting at a coffee shop in my Lycra. Cycling is about time in the saddle and that is what I am doing.

I am still thinking about the weekend way too much but wow, nothing like taking action to bring a smile to your face.

I am off, in keeping with the situation.
Ciao for now,

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