16 May 2010

En Rout

Back in the Buffet of the BC Ferries. I along with a group of guys n’gals who are most likely equally excited and nervous as I am. I sit here on the stern of the boat, listening to the ‘Mumford and Suns,’ watching the islands pass by and I take one single deep breath…. Ah, I am en rout.
I have been very busy. The last two weeks have been very productive with some solid sessions in the past week.

Early in the week I had an encouraging run at Beacon Hill Park. 3x2miles around our classic horse track. I stuck to and exceeded the speed limit for the set. I felt very strong throughout the run. Just the boost I need coming back from my issue with the cuboid.

Continuing with the high cycling mileage. Simon had a brilliant Idea. Instead of simply doing the Wednesday night Criterium, if I wish to do some real miles I must do the Brick workout early in the afternoon and race the Criterium in the evening. The Brick workout was a lot of fun. 3x12min efforts. The first was a Time trial. The second was in small groups and the third was tactical. The third being my favourite. A hard 2km off the bike concluded the brick workout. 2 hours later I began to warm up for the Criterium riding through the Highlands.
The Criterium was a bit slow to start. But after the first attack, it brought friends. I entered it with the plan of racing smart. Sitting comfortably in the front 5 or 6 athletes. With 4 laps to go I got tired of racing smart and attacked. I stayed away for a couple of laps. So it came down to a sprint finish where I got stuck leading the pack out for the mass sprint. A small group of Russ Hayes athletes and I warmed down up and over Munns road and through Prospect lake arriving home at dark. It was a long day in the saddle, but it was only the lack of light that force me off the bike in the end.
I backed this up throughout the remainder of the week with solid training and final preparations for Ixtapa.

I should catch up with the gang but for now I will take another big calming breath of air, snap a picture of this beautiful view and turn up the tunes.

Ciao for now,

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