18 May 2010

Day 1 in Ixtapa

Settled now in Ixtapa, my room mate Jeff and I are relaxing here with our legs up enjoying the view. We had a swim in the morning out and along the coast. We practiced some starts and exits through the breaking water. My bodysurfing practice in Maui could come in handy in these waves.

We went out for a ride later in the day. As I rolled down the driveway, I took a corner and slid out on the pavement. Evidently these new tires of mine come coated with this grease-like substance on them which made for an interesting hour long bike ride. I did manage to get some efforts in and eased my way around corners. I came home and took some sand paper to them now I need to get my confidence back in these tires. I will work on that tomrrow.

Nice 45min run off the bike with some 2minute peices concluded the day.

I am off to bed now,
Ciao for now,

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