17 April 2010

I am I am

The Andrew's are pumped to race. Reminds me of a song that used to be my favourit pre-race song.
Mr. Loco (click)

Andrew Russell and I embarked on our adventure by catching the 5pm ferry from Swartz Bay through the Islands that dot the Georgia Straight on our way to Tsawwassen terminal. We found the best seat in the Buffett to view it all. At the other end we took a bus to the sky train, took the sky train to the airport and a shuttle to the Airport Inn. Early in the morning we caught our first of three flights that would eventually bring us to Monterrey.

In Monterrey we settled in nicely to some very stormy stormy monsoon like weather. So it has been ride, clean bike, ride to swim, clean bike. Each day we make our way to the course along the streets of Monterrey.

Friday we had dinner at a restaurant right above the course so we had the absolute pleasure of watching the Juniors race the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier. What an inspirational race. First off, a gutsy attempt by Hillary Willy 30sec lead out of the water then soloed the first lap. Then equally gutsy was Christine Ridenour's 15km solo to the finish of the ride and ran it in for 3rd. Well done. Allison Hooper was 4th and Dominika Jamnicky rounded up the top 5.

On the guys side Brook Powell was out of the water at the front and pushed the pace on the bike. As the top Canadian he finished 8th. Brooke, you look good on that new bike of yours.

So all in all it was very inspioring and made me excited to race myself.

I have had a few "tests" leading into the race but I am solving each as they come. They have been rather stressing but it has not given me the chance to get too nervous, I just know that I will get to the line and lay it all out. Triathlon is actually quite simple, I plan to swim hard, Bike harder and finish the run spent. The training that I have done over the past 6 months will influence the result. Process Process Process. I am very excited about the course. The swim is in a winding Channel. The bike is in a park composed of a F1 Racing Track. Very technical. And the run is through the park along coble paths.

Well for now, I should make the final preporations so I will call it a night.
Tomorrow, the season begins,
Ciao for now,

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Tyler Duncan said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I'll be cheering you on from vic!