10 April 2010

And the tree begins to breathe....

After a ride in the Mobile Environmental Chamber we jumped on to the treadmills for a few efforts. It is often valuable to film the run and analyze your stride. So I set up a camera and here it is with music of course by Kate Bush called 'The Dreaming.'

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Ciao for now,


Anonymous said...

what kind of things are you looking for in your stride analysis?
thank you
(ps- love your blog- seems like you love what you do and are very humble about what you do...from one canadian to another-looking forward to your future!)

Kyla said...

I don't get your title..
this video was very mesmerizing. I like how every one goes in sync for a bit.

Kyla said...

oh never mind.. its in the song.

Andrew McCartney said...

Thank you for the comment.

As for stride analysis there are certain things to look for. Like Sam Mussabini from Chariots of Fire said,"Remember, over striding. Death for the sprinter, Knocks you back." The same is for distance running. So a sign of over striding is landing on your heal.

Something I need to work on is my upper body. Staying relaxed. This is all about efficiency. I need my arms to help power my legs but in endurance running less is more.

Overall, you may have heard about the pose position. It is kind of a "controlled falling" When I am running I am constantly reminding myself to have this slight lean YET not allowing myself to get that "seated" look. Keep the pelvis tilted forward, engage the core and catch yourself every step.

When you are getting it right it just feels effortless.

Facundo said...

A video to watch over an over again until my brain gets the idea

Awesome, thanks!