10 December 2009

How about some music.

First off, Here is a song by Dashboard Confessional. It is the Acoustic Version. I really like this version but I strongly recomend you check out both versions.

Dashboard Confessional - Get Me Right
Snow Patrol has always been one of my favourite bands, They came out with a "Up to Now" Album with all there hits so far. On this CD is a new Single that they originally wrote for Lady Gaga, who rejected it, then The Pussycat Dolls who recorded it but descided not to use it and so Snow Patrol simply said, fine lets use it. I am glad they did.
Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes

Lots going on here in Victoria. Training is going quite well. We have had about 2 weeks of clear blue skies and starry nights. No precipitation! And plenty of howling wind. As I reach the end of a second week of building, we have had some solid trainer rides and plenty of good efforts on the run. We have continued progressing with our weekly hill repetitions. We have been at Beacon Hill Park running 200m up the road to the flagpole. This week we are up to 15 reps. Again at Beacon Hill, a lap around the hill is a perfect mile as it was used for horse racing and so we did a set of 2miles, 1mile, 2miles, 1mile at a controlled steady effort. I got going a little faster then my goal pace of 5.20 but I was feeling pretty good. Monday and Wednesday are gym days. Strength sessions have always been a weekness of mine. I've had weak hamstrings, glutes, upper body(all...ha ha) and core. So I am really committing to Cam's strength program. In the beginning with the strength assessment, I maxed-out at 22 push ups, I cramped up after about 6 lunges and well the list went on. Now I have moved on from the PVC tubing, to actual weights and I am feeling less like a fish out of water. It has taken it's toll on me in the short term but I am excited to see the long term results.

Time for a little Lait de Poule,
Ciao for now,


Debbie said...

Good try. Actually, Gary Lightbody wrote "Just Say Yes" for Gwen Stefani who passed on it. Pussycat Doll Nicole has recorded it as a sultry love song for her, as yet unreleased, solo album. I too like the dance version Snow Patrol released; they can do no wrong in my book. Cheers.

Andrew McCartney said...

Oops, my mistake, I heard it on the radio so I guess I got the facts mixed up. Thanks for clearing it up.