30 November 2009

Do what cha gotta do.

Training Update....

I have just come off of a fairly relaxed training week. I didn't necessarily take it back on the mileage. There was simply not as much intensity to the sets. This created a good opportunity to get some massage in, get rid of some aches n'pains and refuel my body n'mind.

We have had a beautiful Autumn here in Victoria but winter has arrived and I have pushed myself out the door on the road bike on numerous wet and windy afternoons. I really don't mind these conditions. I have lived on the west coast all my life and in doing so it is imposed upon me to appreciate weather. However it is the lack of daylight that has an effect on me. The days are so short. I miss the rides back from the Criteriums around 9pm. Pedalling back from Caleb pike down the winding roads of Millstream absolutely exhilarated after a fun race, the light of those summer nights makes everything so vivid. Now it is dark at 4:30. Occasionally I will opt for a trainer ride(If there is a planned main set) or Rollers. If I have to do a 90min+ steady ride indoors I prefer rollers. I really notice a difference out on the road after some rolling sessions. I have a smoother pedal stroke and when I am climbing a hill, it feels less forced. The bike feels more like an extension of me.

Anyway whats next? Well back into some solid work. Simon and Kyle are back from Cross Nationals. Some fast running there but I think we are all excited to get underway with some solid training.

Well I will turn out the lights now,
Should be a good swim in the morning and a run in the afternoon.

Hope all is well n'ciao for now,

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