29 June 2009

Prime Sirens Sunk My Ship, but $5000usd and Relays Soften the Blow.

The weekend in Des Moines was a sweet yet sour experience. In that, as seen on the cover of the Times Colonist (Click Here) I return home with the swim prime but in doing so this was most likely was the reason for my DNF. I do feel I redeemed myself with a good 4th leg of the Team World Triathlon Championships, which I feel was a success for all 3 of Canada’s teams.

Lets star with the World Cup, here is what happened: Warming up for the Hi-Vee world Cup I had a lot of encouraging words from many of the much higher ranked athletes. I really was in awe of all the big names that I was setting up my bike with. I did feel more excited then nervous but the nervousness was obvious. Greg Bennett put my mind at ease saying, “Hey mate, where all nervous here and the day you are not, retire” Right there, I was ready to go. I lined up beside Greg, one more encouraging comment and then the gun went. I had a great start, predicting the horn perfectly. I didn’t plan to lead the swim out from the start but I was in good position and feeling good so I just set a strong pace. First Lap I exited with about a 10m gap. I ran efficiently for the 200m run out and back down the dock to dive in for the second lap. Swimming from the dive in to the first Buoy (350m) was so incredibly difficult. The run out absolutely destroyed me. The group caught up and I held even at the front. I got my strength back and with 300m to go I figured I am here; I may as well go for that prime. It became a bit of a drag race between Hunter Kemper and I. (who had made it obvious he wanted the prime) I put a hard surge in for the last 250m and got my gap back. The problem with this is it put me in the hole. I had nothing. No legs at all. I struggled to the transition area and struggled for the first lap and a half of the bike unable to react to anyone. I felt very helpless, trying to over-ride this lag in my legs. I rode solo for 4 out of the 8 laps until Coach Phil pulled me off the course saying, “Focus on tomorrows relay.” I parked it in my head and re-focused on the World Triathlon Relay Championships on Sunday. This was a 4x {300m swim, 7km bike and about a 1800m run} alternating female, male, female, male. I was the anchor of the ‘B’ relay including, Paula Findlay, Kyle Jones and Marianne Hogan. I warmed up following Simons lead. We were in great position right behind the American ‘A’ team and ahead of the New Zealand ‘A’ team in 5th position. With about a 40sec gap to Matt Reed I did my best to bring him back slowly in the water but with a gap out of the water the goal became to hold even. I managed my efforts well holding just about even with him to the finish. I was also running scared as I knew Bevan Docherty was hot on my trail. I managed to hold on to it to the finish.

What awesome performances by all the Canadians and thanks to Triathlon Canada for giving me this fantastic opportunity to compete at such an amazing event. Thanks to Coach Patrick Kelly and my training partners at the staging camp in Montreal. It has been an absolute pleasure. Although I did not finish the World cup I know that I am there. Obviously without such a tempting swim prime I would race more conservative in the water being fresh for the bike. I was reminded how fast that first 5kms of the ride really are. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to race. The World Triathlon Relay Championships was not only a great experience but it brought the 12 Canadian athletes together as kin. It elevates everyone’s performance and the possibility of this being an Olympic event for 2012 excites me very much. Well that is all for now,
Next in line, San Fransisco, but more on that later.
Hope all is well,
Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney
No Cotton Wool

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Fleck said...


Congratulations on the swim Prime. Sorry the rest of the race did not go so well. You'll nail it soon.

We need to get you a new wetsuit. Drop me an email this week and we'll get it on it's way to you.