26 June 2009

Des Moines Hi-Vee Wolrd Cup!

Wow I feel so lucky to be here! What a brilliant event this has and is going to be.
Staring with an awesome course. Non wetsuit, 28.5 minimum degree water! The bike is absolutely wicked with a very criterium style section near the transition. Including; two hard rights, a hard left, a chicane and then a hard left all within about a km. I was out practicing it today and do you ever feel like a course just feels right. I was dragged away from the course by the coaches saying, "Andrew that's enough for today." You can do it 8 times tomorrow. Competitively. "Sounds good coach" The heat overall should be the big factor for the run. Predicted to be 32 but incredibly humid. I love a hard hard race. And tomorrows race should be just that. Did I mention there is a $5000 swim prime? I am trying not to think about it too much cause there are some fast swimmers here but if the opportunity is there I will definitely go for it. We will see what happens there. Prize money goes 75 deep with 75th place being $1000, and reaching a massive $200,000 for first. Oh and the race packages that are delivered to your room!... An entire shaving kit, (Including a Gillette Fusion) Fo-Oakley's(which I plan on wearing for the race as I broke my only pair of sunglasses) about 4 bags, Jersey, Hat, Lots of deodorant. (which makes me wonder) A 24 pack of propel and a 24 pack of water, (stay hydrated) couple of shirts and a lot of food.

I am entering this race with a sort of "Innocence" I am young, I am a small fish in a pretty big pond. But that all aside I will enter this thinking why not me. I have nothing to lose here. I will enter with the mindset that I belong, which I do believe I belong. Is this making sense? Basically go in with the only expectation being that it is going to hurt and good things do happen. But boy would that swim prime be nice.

Few more things to do before I call it a night. I will let you know how it goes by this time tomorrow.
Ciao for now,
Bonne Notte,
Andrew McCartney
No Cotton Wool.


Mike said...

Great post!

Go get em Andrew!

Anonymous said...


Andrew McCartney said...

I will write an update tonight after the relay World Championships.

Time to focus.
Thanks again,

Moka House said...

Congrats Andrew on being first out of the water...You guys made the front page of the TC online tonight.

Mike & Lil - Moka House

FatDad said...

Congrats on the five large!