21 June 2009

Lets Put this one to bed

Well Saturdays race sure was an adventure, to say the least. I am quite peeved but the sooner I park it the healthier I will be. I entered this race probably not in the best mind set but I've been there before. Although we were not totally tapered nor was I feeling 100%, it was more the dynamics of the race and a number of uncontrollable circumstances that gave me this sub par result. Swim was wetsuit as predicted. Swim was slow off the line but with an extra effort I had clear water and was looking to see Cameron Dye. Settled in at his feet with someone else beside me for both laps. Cameron exited the water with a bit of a gap but with a fast transition I had a 10sec gap onto the bike. Not necessarily attempting to solo the ride, I kept a strong pace as to make them work to catch me. Several kms down the road they did. The pack worked fairly well together. Half way through the ride we were caught by the second pack greatly aided by the domestiqueing efforts of Sean Bechtel. As one giant pack the pace was very pedestrian. Andrew Russell put in an effort to get away and I made an attempt but both were unsuccessful on such a flat course and a pack motivated not to let anyone go. I was very boxed in leading into the transition, so in a not so super mood, I was forced to enter T2 last out of the pack. Fast transition and a fast first couple of km's I was back in good position but would not recover from my efforts to gain back ground. Making for a difficult struggle to the finish line.
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Well I've got it out of the way and I look forward to Des Moines. The Hi-Vee world cup on Saturday and the very exciting World Triathlon Relay Championships on the Sunday. But more on that later. For now I remain here, outside of Montreal at a staging camp leading into Des Moines.

So That was that.
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