19 June 2009

Butterflies are fine as long as they all go in the same direction.

Good evening. I am home for the night, pre-race and the nerves are in full effect.(Almost as much as this photo) <-- After reading something like 13 sports psych books last year I should really have a strategy in effect. This isn't a big race but I feel more nervous about it then the others. I am going in ranked 4th on the line. To be honest the field here, although it doesn't have the Matt Reads or Hunter Kempers of the last races, most here are around the same speed thus making it possibly any ones race. It all depends on the day.
The course is very simple. Swim should be a wetsuit on a two lap swim course. The bike is a 6 lap flat non-technical course out a perfectly straight road. The run is a 4 lap out and back on a paved Galloping goose style trail. Temperature is a comfortable 22-24c and partly cloudy.

Tomorrows race should be an adventure. Lets make it exciting.

Ciao for now,
Andrew McCartney
No Cotton Wool

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Jeff Symonds said...

Get ugly out there!