4 February 2009

Apres Camp Conclusion

Spirit of the West – Home for a rest

You’ll have to excuse me,
I’m not at my best,
I’ve been gone for 3 weeks,
I haven’t been drunk since I have left,
but I am most definitely in need of home for a rest.

The last three weeks have been fantastic. What an awesome experience. The island was amazing, the company was top notch, and the training was exactly what I needed to give me a jump start to the season. I feel very fit and excited for the season. I feel so strong on the bike. Running is going really well. I have had a large build in the running mileage which at first was hard on the joints but have loosened off and I will continue to increase the mileage. Swimming is strong and where it needs to be. Last years riding has done me well. The lessons from last year have translated well. The work ethic, the willingness to hurt and general fitness passed on. Living in the Hostel created some challenges but was a good experience. Met a lot of people with hugs all around as we left. Even a tear or two. (Not mine of course, ah spit, Jeff had a few)

With the news of Joel’s coaching change, though I am not very good at goodbyes I would like to congratulate him on this amazing opportunity. The last 2 years under his guidance has been amazing. I have learnt so much. Thanks for everything Joel and best of luck with your new venture.

Recovery time,
And to all a good night,
Ciao for now,

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