28 January 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightfull...

Ok ok so it isn't snowing and its certainly not below zero but boy is it raining. No wait...its monsooning. It never said in the travel pamphlet it rained in Maui!! Oh well.
So the past two days have been a bit of a plateau for me. The engine is there just stuck in 2nd gear but I believe I am through it today. Swims have been descent. Some good times but a lot of effort to get them. It has been wet wet wet out. We road out the Hana Highway along the beautiful winding roads in a fog. Which made it even more interesting. But the mix of rain, red mud, fruit and leaves on the road made for a difficult and somewhat dangerous ride. It was still a blast and the lush forests did form a protective cover for us.

Todays Highlight was a ride with Simon and Adam. Main set was 4x12mins rolling pace line in the monsooning rain. I swear, we didn't even notice the rain. Looking around we all had the biggest smiles on our faces. This wasn't training, this was play. We finished it off with a planned sprint finish at a telephone pole. I thought I was Tom Boonen and could hold a sprint for 400m but both Simon and Adam came flying by for the finish. Warm down up Baldwin and home for some wet photographs.
Me, Adam and Simon. Soaked to the bone.
My Favourite White Jersey is not white anymore.

Eat Eat Eat,
Ciao for now,

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