26 January 2009

14 days down.

So yesterday was the Maui Polar Bear Open Water Swim Race. It was a 1.2mile(2km) swim (which must have been long) in the warm clear waters of Maluaka Bay. It is known as the only sane polar bear swim in the world. So after a slow start off the line I got into a strong pace that I felt I could hold and a rhythm into the choppy waves. I finished strong in a time of 29.26. (thus the assumption that it is longer than 2km) Full results can be found HERE. I saw two turtles and I believe I heard a whale. May have been my imagination as I was really hoping to hear them.

Water was chopier than it looks.

Finished the day with an hour long run negative split. I felt great. It is good to have that effortless running feeling back.

As for today. It started well with a strong swim in the pool hovering around 2min for the last number of 200yard efforts. But all the training and efforts in this camp have caught up to me at about noon today. Managed to get a number of strong sprints in but felt quite flat for the rest. Luckly it was a rather easy ride. So I hope to turn this around. I have just finished eating a steak, some tortellini, a load of fluids including a litre of soy chocolate milk (Cheaper than regular milk! Believe it or not) and a can of beans. This is just a start to the afternoon's eating.

And so I think I will have a nap, wake up and eat again.
Rest Well,
Ciao for now,
Quote of the day:
"If you were wondering what is going on at the laundrymat.... the answer would be not a whole lot." -Jeff


Avery said...

Where did you get that quote from. Freaking halarious.

Andrew McCartney said...

Well it made my day when I woke up from my nap. The quote is from the very funny, Jeff Symonds. Training partner living with me at the Hostel.
Glad you enjoyed it.
Ciao for now,

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the win.
Nice to see that you're all having fun. I really enjoy photos from the island, seems like it's great place for training :)

Jenn Westmorland said...

Congrats on the race!