14 January 2009


Aloha...eh! (Cliche...I know.)

Well with the conclusion of day 2 am am just about toast.
So I arrived late Monday night snuck into the hostel and was quick to sleep. The first day of training was a tough one. Started the day with a 2 hour ride including a 40min uphill stretch which provided a strong effort and stunning views. The descent was fantastic! Curving smooth predictable roads including switch backs and lucious forests. Off the bike I did my second run on the road and my first Brick(bike to run transition) in more than a year. Nice to be back. I felt great. Off to the outdoor pool for a swim which ended up being quite the struggle due to lack of nutrition. I never got the chance to get to the Market so 3 workouts with no more than 2 eggs and some toast really tested me. I got back to the hostel and ate soo much in hopes that I would recover for the following day.
Day two we were up at 5:30 for a swim or in my case 3:30 as my alarm was still on victoria time. 2 hours later we drove to the pool for a 5.5km swim. Had a solid swim recovered from yesterday's nutritional mistake. Shoes on and we went for a run through the sugar cane fields along endless trails. The wind was a very welcomed relief to the heavy sun. So I finished my first hour long run in more than a year and felt great. Now it is fitness. he he. We finished the day with a hour bike ride easy and home for a rest. Adam van Koeverden has joined us here in Maui for some cross training and should make for some good company.
I have been struggling to get used to the heat here but at the end of day two I think I am begining to get used to it. Or maybe that is just the time of day.
Well photographs will be coming soon.
Hello to all in Victoria,
Ciao for now,

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