15 January 2009

Couple of photographs

So here are a couple of photographs from a rough swim and a fun ride. But more on that later. For now here are the Photographs.
Doing Circles in the Driveway.

Taking in some much needed nutrients after the swim.

The gang. (Kyle Jones, Jordan Rapp, Adam van Koeverden, me, Jeff Symonds, Lauren Groves, Sarah Groff) *missing; Simon
Time for sleep,
Andrew McCartney


Anonymous said...

Is it really too hard to get you guys to wear some socks?
haha. j/k
All looking good. Best of luck this year.

Brian said...

Can AVK actually hang with you guys on the bike?

FatDad said...

Keeping some pretty quick company these days. Nice work.

Andrew McCartney said...

Ha ha, as soon as I get used to this heat I will wear socks. Ha ha.
Adam is doing awesome in hanging in on the bike. I think he would make a great triathlete. Question is can we keep him in sight on a kayak. Can you draft in a Kayak?

Thanks all,