30 January 2009

Couple of good Sessions.

So training, Yesterday began with 2x32x50's in the pool. Since it is Yards I held about 31's and got down to sub 30s in the second set. Ticking along under the moon.

In the heat of the day we set out to the banana bread stand out along the North Western side of Maui. You know the roads cyclists dream of. <--- Anyway the plan was to do it sort of tour de france, stage style. With one stage being to the banana bread and the second back to town. What a blast and a great way to get some hard efforts in. 30min run off the bike. Absolutely Dehidrated! I was just trying to get home. That evening we all went out for Thai food to celebrate Adam's Birthday. First dinner out. A nice relaxing evening. Did some laundry at simons and spent the time hanging out with Pippa K. Whitfield. What a Joy. We rocked out on the guitar together, danced, built stuff then saw it topple to the ground and of course played many games of hide and go seek.

As for today.., Swimming was simple 10x300 pull and 5x200 IM. Felt smooth in the water and feeling strong. Rest then an hour run out in the cane fields. Feeling smooth out there except for a not so smooth bail on a slippery slope. But all is well. Short day but preparing for "THE BIG ONE" tomorrow, but more on that later.

Ciao for Now,

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