18 August 2008

Congrats to Simon and North Shore Road Curcuit

First Off big giant congratulations to Simon Whitfield for his Silver Medal at the Beijing Olympic Games. Bravo, what a gutsy run!Sunday Kenyon Campbell, Trevor Connor and I drove down to Bellingham for my first Cat 3 event. The North Shore Circuit Race. This is a 7lap, 90km, difficult Road Race. With two good climbs per lap including a short sprint hill to the finish.The first lap was quite slack. A few little attacks here and there but the race began on lap 2. On the first Climb an athlete was leading into the hill, Kenyon gave chase and I followed. The three of us quickly got a substantial gap. About a Km down the road it became Kenyon and I off the front. Over the next 3 laps we increased our lead up to 80seconds. At this point I was feeling quite strong and with an eventual hill-top finish I didn't want to leave anything to chance. So I put a surge in and Soloed it for 38kms to the finish. The Final Lap was probably the most difficult 12km's I have ever ridden, with my hands vibrating from the bumpy road, arms aching and my legs numbly grinding to the finish. I just talked myself through it. Results Can be found Here. (click on M3)Now time to recover for the Time trial.
Congrats again to Simon,
Ciao for now,

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FatDad said...

Name dropped in Simon's post race interview on CBC! Congrats on the win.