18 June 2008


"To Compare you to an angel, would make the angel blush"; Wow what a line...One of many lines I have read in this book I found full of love letters from the 18century. I wonder if you could possibly use that line now-a-days without getting laughed at. Probably not. Boy they had it hard back then though; to meet a girl you not only had to be a nice guy but you also had to be a poet. But one thing is for sure, they knew what love was and could put in words.

So whats new?
Cycling cycling cycling! and some swimming. I am taking care of an injury involving my Iliotibial (IT) Band. So it has been a major Bike focus. The usual Wheelers rides and lots of racing. Wednesday night Criteriums!!! I love them!! When ever I finish one I get excited for the next. I think there is so much value in this. Cornering skills, confidence in a large pack taking corners hard and tactics. It is like a chess game, a physical and mental test. My favorite by far is Newton Heights Criterium which is basically up the hill and down the hill. Tough tough tough. Here are the results and photographs for the Greater Victoria Cycling League: Click Here.

This weekend I am heading up Island with fellow cyclist Kenyon Campbell. We are both unattached so perhaps we will get some tactics going as we have in the local criteriums and BCs. The event is the Comox Cup. 3 events in 2 days. 16km TT saturday morning then an hour long Criterium in the afternoon and then a 120km road race on Sunday. Should be fun.

But that is all for now,
Ciao for now,
PS. Here are a number of photographs of recent racing.

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