25 June 2008

Clarification and Three Tough Events

Ok, so first off I’m Andrew McCartney not Michael Cera. Starring in such movies as Juno and Superbad it has been brought to my attention on numerous occasions that I strike quite a similarity both in looks and personality. Yes I do apologize a lot (sometimes to a fault) and yes I do call some of my t-shirts Vintage and yes I do take pride my shiny colorful short shorts. I just thought I should get it out there. Go ahead laugh; get it out of your system.

Moving On…

Comox Cup Cycling Festival:

So the event was a 16km TT, 55min Criterium (5km loop) which was more like a road race and a 96km road race. Kenyon Campbell and I made it into a bit of a road trip, 3hours of driving up the Island.

I had a descent Time Trial, on a slightly undulating course I managed to hold 41km/h over 16kms with a final time of 23.33 which was good enough for 3rd place.

About 2.5hours later we were back on the course. The event was 45min plus one loop of a 5km circuit. Fast, flat with a slight rise to the finish. We began with 12 people and quickly narrowed down to 6 or so. Attacks were fast and often which made for a very challenging race. It eventually came down to a sprint finish. I was in good positioning, I may have jumped a bit early but I was nipped on the line by the same two athletes as the Time Trial. Sundays Road race was a lot like the “Criterium” The small pack made for another hard, hard race. Lots of attacking. With so many long straight-aways it ended up coming down to a sprint finish in-spite of many attempts to get away by many of the athletes. The sprint was interesting, down hill for the last km or so. FAST. Again I was in good position. It was a close finish on the line but another 3rd finish for me. Overall I finished 2nd in the General Classification to a Dutch Cyclist by the name of John van der Vliet.

So the Wednesday night crit was up at Celeb Pike, a bit of a longer Criterium. There were some fast guys out tonight. After riding hard to make it to the criterium it proved to be a great warm up. The race began and it was On! I felt I raced smart. I generally stayed in the top 1/3 of the pack. I was ready for attacks, tossed a few in myself. I was feeling great and riding well up the hill when I dropped a chain with two laps to go…. I jumped off put the chain on and struggled to get going on the side of the climb. Scotty was kind enough to run down the hill slipping and sliding in his cleats to give me a running push. I was on my own to the finish but I pushed myself to make a workout out of it. Obviously not the result I was hoping for but what a blast! So much fun, Hard, Hard workout and nice to be out at the races.

Recovery time!

Ciao for now,


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