30 March 2008

Had a good day.

So woke up to a ride this morning which I decided to roll out with the Victoria Wheelers. Today instead of the usual Lands End ride we went west. Through Collwood, through East Sooke and along some brilliant roads. Some of which I have never even known about. For example this one short hill. I believe it was Lombard Dr. off of William Head Road. It must be no more than a km long but it is between two farms and it reminded me so much of Koppenberg in the Tour De Flanders in fact I think I heard someone yelling, Boonen, Boonen, Boonen! He he. Except no Cobles. Thank goodness. Here is the actual Koppenberg and the real Boonen powering up this infamous climb.

Ended the ride pretty depleted as I did not predict a 3 and a half hour ride, So I did everything I could to recover for the Sunday afternoon swim. This was a tough one but I felt strong. 12x200(2fast 1 cruise) then 6x100 Best Average Short course. The 200's were all around 2.10 and the 100's around 1.04. The Sports Psychology books on Re-focusing are paying off especially after that ride.
Good day for the log book.
Well I am off for some rest.
Ciao for now,

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