25 March 2008

The Drive and Birthday Swim

As the Flagstaff camp came to conclusion Dano and I packed up and began the long trip home. After some nerve-racking sections through the mountains entering Oregon(Fog), we decided to pitch tent in a little town called Ashland. By Pitch a tent I mean check into a Super 8. Up at 4am and on the road at 5 we had our minds set on Port Angeles, the 2pm Coho boat but we didn't factor in the slow traffic of the mountains. So off to the border crossing we drove. 45min wait at the border and off to the ferries. I sat on the roof of the ferrie with the guitar and a book, wind in my face thinking how much I miss the ocean and the west coast. It was so rejuvenating.

I arrived home at 6:45 after 12 hours of traveling, perfectly on time for my birthday dinner and Pavlova(my favourite) for dessert. Yikes, I'm 21. A quick check of the e-mail and there s a message from Joel, "Happy birthday Andrew - you should do your 10k tomorrow in the pool to celebrate. Let me know how that goes." Ha ha ha, right, is he serious?...

So today around noon I hopped onto my town bike and arrived at the pool and I was totally disappointed to see it was bloody Short Course!! 10 bloody kilometers of short course swimming!! I am going to make myself dizzy! To keep it simple I began with 3000m pull-padels...paused...2000 pull-padels...2x1500 pull-padels(it was at this point that I started to feel the 26hour drive)...200kick...and finished her off with 1800 pull-padels...Done...I Staggered over to the coffee shop and home for a nap. Note to self for the next time I do 10km swimming, try some bi-lateral breathing, my neck is killing me.

So I am glad to be back on an Island and at 0 ft. of altitude.

Ciao for now,

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