31 January 2008

The Zone

"Brains way of saying. 'Keep it right here; don't speed up, don't slow down; Just push ahead."

-Matt fitzgerald

There are 8 Elements that define the Experience of being in the "Zone" Or "Flow" as described by Matt Fitzgerald in his book, 'Brain Training for Runners' They are the following:

  1. Controlled and Structured Situation -ie. Fixed race distance or workout format
  2. Facilitates Concentration. The Task is the only thing happening -fears and doughts are common spoilers
  3. Specific Goal -only happens when one is really testing a particular skill
  4. Ballance of Challenge and Skills
  5. Situation offers feedback -you can tell wheter you are moving closer to achieving your goal
  6. Task absorbs your complete attention conscious of nothing outside nor even self-conscious
  7. You feel in control of your actions in relation to the task
  8. The Situation is Likely to yield an improvement in skill or skills that are tested -ie. breakthrough Performance

And one last thing:

Confidence! - Required

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