24 January 2008

Tucson and Lessons

I think I will Begin with a Top 5. In no particular order Andrew's Top 5 Theme songs for the Tucson Training Camp.
  1. Ben Gibbard - Indian Summer (Press Play Button)
  2. Presidents of the USA - Millions Of Peaches (this song is just so Happy)

See Also: Johnny Cash - Hurt

Now considering the list, "Indian Summer," "Millions of Peaches," and "Fans" make the list because they are relatively motivating/ Pump up songs. Well enough to get me going. But 'Travis - Sing'? or 'Johnny Cash - Hurt'? These are on here because in a training camp you have highs and Lows. In an Intense training camp you are bound to feel extremely emotional a lot of the time. It is a natural physiological reaction to all the training. It's okay to show emotion, to go to your room and listen to cheesy music and punch a pillow. This is one of many lessons I have learnt in the past 2 and a half weeks down here in Tucson, Arizona. As for the others, TV on the Radio manages to sneak onto all of my top 5's(Cause the song Rocks!) and Johnny Cash solidified its spot on the list because well camps are suppose to hurt but nothing like the Deep voice of Johnny Cash to keep you striving.

So Tucson has been amazing! It has been 3 years since I have been at a training camp, and I am quickly reminded of the huge value a training camp can give you. The mental boost, the physical boost, the time to focus on what your body needs and a chance to learn as much as you can. Early in the camp I finished a book called, "Brain training for Runners" by Matt Fitzgerald. (I strongly recommend!) It is full of new theories. I know to take new theories all with a grain of salt but there are a number of ideas that have stuck with me.

For example:

Roger Bannister spent years trying to break the 4 minute mile, people said that you would die before you ran a mile under 4 minutes. Roger Bannister did it. Within a year and a Half 16 others ran under 4 minutes. When Roger proved that it was possible it allowed other runners to realize the possibility and succeeded. So consider daily training, if you are running 3min km's all of a sudden 2.59 is well within reach.

I have taken a lot of notes as a read and I will dispense the knowledge as I go along.

As for now it is bedtime for me,

I hope all is well and ciao for now,


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