1 December 2007

My odd humor as a 17 year old.

Okay, so looking through my room doing my monthly "ORGANIZING," I stumble across something I wrote as a Young one. I thought I was funny but this is just corny. Read enjoy and tease me after.


I don't have a social life. I don't eat Chocolate bars or drink Coca Cola. I don't know Gretzky, Bekham or Shack but I'm certain they are fairly athletic.

I do three sports not one. My Bike is made of Carbon not steal! I can proudly tattoo the maple leaf to my chest. I wear a size 28 speedo and sure it is uncomfortable but it is bloody fast! I wear spandex and shave my legs but that does not mean I am a cross DRESSER!!

An Aerobar is a piece of equipment, not a chocolate bar! And a triathlete is not a person "trying to be an athlete."

Canada Holds the first Gold medal in triathlon and is the best sport in the World!
My Name is Andrew and I AM A TRIATHLETE!!
Thank You.

SO BAD I KNOW... hahaha. (based on the Moulson "I AM CANADIAN" skit)
Ciao for now,


Sophie said...

Hey Andrew, still on for coffee at some point?.. well facebook me if your up. O, and nice french twist on the spelling of "mOlson." I'm sure you just trying to represent your peeps in the maple syrup province ;)

Andrew McCartney said...

Ha ha ha Shows what I know about Beer.
Ciao for now,

Sony Keys Gawley said...

I like that... it's cool.

Andrew Yorke said...

Mccartney you are a savage I love it